All of the factors contributing to strategic analysis are subject to change and the inter-relationships are sometimes complex. There is therefore a two-fold challenge of adjusting analyses to observed changes as well as maximizing the clarity of analysis and conclusions. This then requires a clear explanation to readerships of the significance of sometime subtle changes in conclusions.

The BSR monitors changes relevant to the Review content and when appropriate releases Notes for subscribers to ensure that they remain aware of the implications for findings in the Review.

Also, as a response to feedback and internal discussions it is often necessary to present an analysis and conclusions in a different way to facilitate understanding of the issues involved. Therefore, Notes can also contain clarifications or extensions of discussions already developed in the Review.

Notes are distributed free of charge to all subscribers to the current Review via email attachments and in pdf format.

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19/02/2022: 1. Some aspects of inflation

08/04/2022: 2. From earned income to pauperism and back

Please note that Note 3 of 17/04/2022 has undergone update on 02/09/2022, to correct errors in the original document.
Changes are noted at end of docment.

02/09/2022: 3. Why the Bank of England cannot solve the cost of living crisis

17/04/2022: 4. Technology, technique and real incomes


11/07/2022: 5. Sustaining growth in real wages by investing in results

17/07/2022: 6. The constitutional crisis created by monetary policy

7. The Nolan Principles & economic policy administration - in preparation....

8. The Nature & Origins of Demand - in preparation....

28/07/2022: 9. The framework, instruments, business rules & management of a Real Incomes Policy

31/10/2022: 11. Monetary deception

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