All accepted existing theories and decisions on matters affecting the lives of constituents have implications for the constitution of a country. If law and regulations affecting sectors and professions are found to be have been based on faulty theory and therefore inappropriate practical implementations of law and policies this becomes a serious constitutional question.

Whereas the throwing into question of constitution and the basis for organizing governance is based on the fall in support for participation in elections by the public the question of electoral reform and constitutional changes come to the fore. The most significant study of such factors was conducted by the POWER commission. The POWER Inquiry was established in 2004 and reported in 2006. Although containing significant and needed changes the two main political parties in the country, Labour and Conservative did nothing of significance in relation to the enactment of its recommendations.

The power of rational argument which largely favours the majority of constituents can be seen to have been ignored. There is therefore a role for strategic analysis which digs deeper into the theoretical and practical assumptions upon which law and regulations are based, to furnish evidence of errors and the degree to which constitutional practice in the shape of laws and regulations are prejudicial, and can be demonstrated to be so based on evidence, even tracing back to errors in theoretical constructs, represents a far more powerful reason for requiring constitutional change by governments and political parties.

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